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The yucca variety most commonly enjoyed indoors is spineless yucca, or Yucca elephantipes. These Mexican natives accommodate most demands imposed by their human keepers. They're attractive, pest and disease resistant, and ask little in the way of maintenance. Yuccas tolerate a wide range of lighting conditions, and even clean the air of indoor environments. Their biggest pet peeve is likely to be inappropriate watering. Some may feel that this yucca is too fussy about improper watering practices. But over-watering is the most common cause of demise of indoor specimens, as elephantipes is a desert dweller by nature.


Medium/High light

Can tolerate direct sun

Soil not to dry out

Mist often

Extra Large Container

Height:1.6 to 1.9M

Large Container

Height:1.5 to 1.8M

Medium Container

Height: 1.0 to 1.4M

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